Step Aerobics Girls

This is what is famous for! 19 hot Aussie babes sweating it out- for real. Their aerobics instructor pushing them to the max, sweat trickling down into uncomfortable places and pooling into salty wet spots. Their muscles burning, but their adrenalin surging- the energy palpable!
Girls in this Scene
Carla Gilian Petria Kiki Zasha Keilyn Melissa R Cassie Christen Emily K Veronika Harper Helen J Jette Julia M Maria S Sarah P Silvie


Ballet Dancer

Slowly pulling down her tight jeans, Katharina smiles as she reveals her perfectly round bum and matching girly underwear. With her knickers down to her feet, Katharina continues to undress, uncovering her big breasts, voluptuous body and full bush.
Lying in the couch completely naked, Katharina smiles as she seductively looks at the camera while spreading her legs wide apart providing an splendid view of her whole hairy vulva. Getting into a ballet tutu, Katharina practices her moves before lying in the floor and spreading her legs apart to show us her magnificent figure.



Did my last ever shoot today as I’m heading back home on Saturday. Back to the U.k for Christmas, oh whoopee, I think not. Spent a year over here and in general, had a fantastic time. Never had so much fun working. Done lot’s of work for AW over the year, thinking at first, it will only be one or two shoots at the most. Little did I know…..Haha.
But I hope everyone has had a fantastic time as I have working for this wonderful company. A little birdy tells me that they have won an award for being the best website in Australia, so they must be good!!!
Thanks so much for everything. I will never, ever forget you.